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5 Metre Wide Large Format Print
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Mesh Banner 320grs from €7.80 p/mt/2
The microperforated canvas or better known as mesh canvas is used mainly outdoors in areas exposed to the wind, the air passes through the tiny holes in the canvas avoiding the sail effect and the risk of breaking. It is made of a microperforated PVC mesh structure with a weight of between 320 gr/m2. It is resistant to water and the sun, not altering the colors if it is wet. Through the use of instant drying inks, a magnificent print quality is allowed, emitting less volatile compounds and without odors, without harming the environment. The maximum printing width in a single piece is 500 cm, although an unlimited size is achieved by means of impulse welding. The microperforated canvas is the most suitable for the manufacture of posters on facade canvas.

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