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Foamed PVC, from €18.55 p/mt/2

Printed PVC is a material rigid support.

It is indicated for applications in which support for the graph is needed.

Allows for glued, hung or screwed installation.

It is especially suitable for covering walls, paintings, and brief assemblies.

It also resists the passage of time and can be placed as outdoor signage

Printed PVC with UV printing

This support is used for temporary installations, such as promotional and permanent installations.

It is found in 3 thickness variants available with direct digital printing. The thicknesses are 3, 5, 10, and 19 mm.

UV printing can be done on both sides to have rigid support printed on both sides.

In addition, the material can also be plotted once printed, so we obtain shaped PVC printed materials. To shape it is necessary to machine the PVC so that the file that is sent must have at least two layers.

The first layer will carry the image in CMYK, and in the other layer, the shape vector on the image for processing.

This material is suitable for fairs, signage, indoors and outdoors, and lining as it provides rigidity and stability.

Printed FOREX or foamed PVC is a rigid support used in large-format digital printing, designed to meet printing requirements. It is chosen for its cost ratio and good finish.

The surface of the material is printed with UV inks, with direct printing, thus avoiding the use of other vinyl or other materials to cover the support, thus saving materials and costs.

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